Person wearing headphones typing on a desktop computer with git commit activity in the background.

I'm James, a full-stack developer from Georgia.

My passion for software development began by creating games in C# with MonoGame. I've continued making games with various frameworks and languages since then, with some of my work being released on

From there, I began building Bash/PowerShell/Python scripts to automate and streamline my workflow. As I learned more, coding became more of a creative outlet and a means of enhancing my own life and the lives of those around me.

Seeking to create more complex apps, I began building websites and applications, incorporating Next.js for its great developer and user experience. Upon dipping my toes into the freelancing world, I quickly adopted a full-stack approach to better satisfy my clients, familiarizing myself with technologies like Flask, FastAPI, Node, and both SQL and NoSQL databases.

With all of that coding, I ended up with an interest in keyboards and productivity. After building a few custom keyboards, I started contributing to KMK, an open-source keyboard firmware. I wrote the RapidFire and String Substitution modules and contributed a few fixes here and there. This was a great learning experience and gave me the chance to participate in a collaborative software development process.

My interest in this space doesn't stop at software development. As both a hobby and for my clients, I manage servers (both dedicated and VPS) that provide various containerized services. I use my personal server to host services like a PostgreSQL database and a Gitea instance. It also acts as a VPN, NGINX server, and remote development environment using Visual Studio Code Server. This has taught me a lot about Linux, networking technologies, and other useful industry skills.